Residential Solar  ar

Solar for your home; reduces your electricity usage and saves you money.

Use our four steps to solar planning, and incentives. 

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Operation & Maintenance Services

Solar low energy performance  is due to dirty panels, wiring issues or equipment error.  Cleaning solar panels improves energy production by 25%.

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Our services are based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology, implementing solar energy system with solar panels, DC-to-AC conversions equipment, electrical integration and IoN communication.

Solar can be paired with battery storage "Solar-Plus-Storage" to provide on-demand energy and emergency backup energy. Consult our Storage Batteries for more information. 

We cater to residential and commercial property owners and governmental agencies.  As part of the consultation;

1. Free Energy Evaluation

2. Review Rebates and Utility Incentives

3. Fair Market Financing




Harvesting the suns radiation to produce clean energy. The direct conversion of sunlight to electricity. Reduction in the dependency on nuclear, fossil fuels and natural gas as energy sources.   Relying on God's resources to fuel this planet.


Reduces electricity consumption
Reduces cost on electricity bills  
2023 IRS Tax Credit - 30% of project cost
25 Years of Clean Energy creation

Solar Equipment

Solar home applicances (HVAC,  Pool pumps), and EV chargers

Solar panels with the best performance

Emergency backup power systems with solar panels and battery storage. .  

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Free quote on Solar, Solar-plus-Storage or Backup generator power