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    Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

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    non polluting

    We serve non polluting energy for our better future for generations.

    easy installation

    Our energy system is easy to install for your and move anytime.

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    Need low maintenance due to our best product and better service.

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    Our system is easy to renew since it always uses the updated way.


    What We Offer You


    Solar installation and consulting services are H & M Solar Solutions' primary areas of expertise. From feasibility research and design through installation, optimization, and maintenance of solar installations, we work with customers across Texas to offer full-service due diligence services.

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    Post Consultation

    Once the installation is complete, you might need a post-consultation to know about a few technical things. Our professionals are always available to provide you with a post-consultation before solar panels may be turned on. Your investment in sustainable, clean, and renewable solar.

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    Solar Installation

    One of the US solar markets that are expanding the quickest is Texas. Homeowners and businesses are utilizing renewable energy with power ownership and cost savings because of an abundance of sunshine and rooftop space. Texas is home to three of the top ten US cities.

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    We are a Leading Solar Power Solution Provider In Killeen, TX

    Although it's possible to install solar panels yourself, it involves extra time and know-how. For that reason, the majority of homeowners choose a solar panel installer. Plus, if you're not certain what type of solar panels and equipment you need, a solar installer can help you find the right equipment for you after a site survey and consultation. H & M Solar Solutions proudly offers high-quality solar panel installations and service in Killeen, Texas! We identified the homeowners' needs to optimize savings and meet energy consumption requirements and we take this responsibility for our homeowners and we aim to deliver the best solar installation services for them. But if you're concerned about having them installed in your house, don't be. Any solar installation by H & M Solar Solutions is done with perfect professionalism. We know what you desire and we do it right for you. Trust us for the best solar installation services in Killen. We know what you desire and we do it right for you. Trust us for the best solar installation services today.

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    Sustainable & Affordable Energy!

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