Solar-Plus-Storage (Why its important!)

When the grid is down, You have lights, A/C, and Refridgeration-Food!!!

Solar is expanding with energy being stored in "batteries".   

The major component of Off-Grid solar is storage.   Now On-Grid solar can have storage.  The battery storage provide energy after the solar stops harvesting electricity, as backup power during an emergency grid outage.

Scheduling allows daily battery discharging during prime hours 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.  The discharging of the stored energy reduces utlity usage in the evenings.     

Several vendors have solar-plus-storage solutions.  Featuring different options for the whole home backup or partial home backup.

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PWRCell (PowerCell )

Generac the generator company has expanded into renewable with the new solar+storage system.  In January2020, Solarugreen became an authorized PWRCell dealer.   

Active and Standby power - inverter and storage 

One Bundle package -  inverter and storge with batteries

Solar array - solar panels with the inverter

Learn more - PWRCell

Solaredge+LG Chem Battery

Solarugreen installed Solaredge SE7600 inverters with a LG 1000 Chem Battery in 2017 as the inverting system and storage on the featured 15kW ground mount solar array.

Solarugreen is a LG Ghem Battery certified installer.

Solaredge storage inverters SE3800 and SE7600

Storage LG Chem and Telsa

Learn more - Solaredge 


Ensemble - Solar-Power Management- Storage in one bundle system

Enpower - Power manager with Micro Grid Technology, detects grid failure then updates  status provides solar-plus-storage to the home

Encharge - Battery storage systems

We are an authorized certified Ensemble partner with Enphase.  Our newest Ensemble became operational on September 23, 2020.

Learn more - Enphase Storage 

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