Solar HVAC units

A home Heating and AC usage is over 55% of the monthly cost.  During the day, the HVAC unit receives electricity directly from the solar panels-energy system.  After dark,  the HVAC returns to standard electricity from the grid. 

Major HVAC companies with solar units;

 Solar Panels

 Solar panels are rated based on the energy production "efficiency" during standard testing.

 Tier-1 panels with 19.2% or above efficiency

  • Mission Solar Energy, Canadian Solar
    LG,  Panasonic, Solaria, Silfab, Trina

 Tier-2 any panel less than 18% efficiency rating

 Tier-3 any panel 15.9% below are low energy  

Solar energy has now extended into more home appliances and commercial equipment.  

Here are two new products;

1) HVAC 

2) Pool Pumps

Each contains solar panels with the product.   EV charging by Solaredge. Solar-Plus-Storage to charge EV cars.

Our selection of high efficiency solar panels and  solar inverters combined with storage completes the solar array.

Learn More   Solar EV charging

A home EV charging station powered by solar panel energy and battery storage.

Solar-plus-storage is charging three different EV cars. See the video for the charging time and the EV car vendor. 

Solaredge has the solution with level-2 charging,    EV-Advantage

 Solar Pool Pumps

 Pool Pumps consume 20% of home electricity usage.

 A solar pool pump can reduce the electricity usage of the pool.

 During sun hours the pump is operating using solar energy.

 At night pump returns to using standard electricity from the grid.

 Make a splash while saving cash!!