Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Remove baked on dirt on solar panels

  • Remove grime build up on solar panels.

  • Restores class sealing

  • Dirty panels have decreased sun harvesting 


  • Cleaning increases solar panels production
  • by 5% to 30%
  • Request a cleaning by completing the Form!!

Clean against a dirty panel

8 Years running - Rain Cleaning Only

Solar Takedown & Replacement

Wire Management

Roof replacement requires solar system removal and reattachment

Moving Takedown and Storage 

Years of wind and storms against the solar structure can cause wires to deattach

Leaves and debris can settle in the racking of the solar array

Installers used reckless rails without proper wire strapping

Secure wiring to the rails

Solar Repair

Enphase' Microinverter (M190, M250, IQ series) replacement

Solaredge' inverters and optimizers changeout

Solar components swap out

Vendor RMA service

Status  checking on the solar components performance,

Troubleshoot problems  


Take down solar and clean for move

Microinverter replacement, secure wiring and leaves disposal 

SMA replacement - Broken invertor replaced via RMA from SMA-American