Residential Solar

Solar generates electricity for the sun “radiation”.  As the sun gets closer to earth we have longer sun hours which create more electricity.  As the sun moves away from the earth we have shorter sun hours or less electricity.


Solar for a residence is designed to match and exceed the properties electricity usage.  The purpose is to generate extra electricity in the summer month to compensate for low sun hours in the fall and winter months.


1. Determine Electricity Usage

  1. How much electricity your home uses in kWh per each month? 
  2. Calculate 1-years of usage.

2.  Determine Sun Exposure

  1. Is the property in full sun or shade or shady location?
  2. How many trees and location of trees to home?
  3. Property direction; south, north,east and west

4 simple steps to solar planning and Incentives

3. Determine Budget – Cost of Solar

Cost is priced based on the watts of electricity in the solar system, considering the solar panels and inverting equipment. 

Example of solar project cost: 

Home yearly usage 10,500 kWhY

Solar system of  5,000 W 

Cost estimate;

5,000 W x $ 3.05* a watt =                                                     $15,250.00

Subtract Incentives:  $3,000 or higher                                      -3,000.00

Subtract IRS rebate:  30% IRS deduction                                  -3,675.00

Total Price:                                                                               $8,575.00

Note: *Solar price per watt in Texas is $3.00 to $3.48 

This is a cost analysis estimate only.   Your home electrical usage will determine the solar system sizing. 

Know How much electricity you use

Electricity is rated in kilo – meaning 1000 watts. 

Property uses kilowatts (kW) of electricity every hour.

This is stated as kWh on the monthly utility bill.

Check your monthly electricity bill for

1)  Usage of kWh 

2)  Rate paid for kWh

(example 0.08 is 8 cents per kW)

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4. Apply for solar Incentives & Financing 

Oncor Take a load off Texas incentive starts 2/2020

Get a quote and Apply for the financal incentives with Oncor, Denton, Mckinney and Coserv.

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