How solar works

Solar generates electricity for the sun “radiation”.  As the sun gets closer to earth we have longer sun hours which create more electricity.  As the sun moves away from the earth we have shorter sun hours or less electricity.

Solar for a residence is designed to match and exceed the properties electricity usage.  The purpose is to generate extra electricity in the summer month to compensate for low sun hours in the fall and winter months.

Its important to know how much electricity you consume each month.  Electricity is rated in kilo - meaning 1000 wats.  Property uses kilowatts (kW) of electricity every hour.  This is stated as kWh on  each monthly bill. 


1. Determine Electricity Usage

  1. How much electricity your home uses in kWh per each month? 
  2. Calculate 1-years of usage.

2.  Determine Sun Exposure

  1. Is the property in full sun or shade or shady location? Check sun on home
  2. How many trees and location of trees to home?
  3. Property direction; south, north,east and west

Simple steps to solar planning, budgeting, incentives and financing

3. Determine Your Budget 

Examine your montly cost for electricity.  How much would you like to save each month? 

Solar system provide 10 % to 100% saving of electricity usage and cost each month.  Since solar system last 25 years. 

You want to calculate your saving over the life of the solar system.

Budget examine:   Reduce electricity bill by $150 a month x 12 months in a year $150 x 12 = $1,800.00

                              Saving $1,800.00 over the solar system life of 25 years = $45,000.00

Solar budget could be $1,800 a year for financing the solar system, total cost not exceeding $45,000.00.   

Check your monthly electricity bill for

1)  Usage of kWh 

2)  Rate paid for kWh

(Rates range from 6.5 cent to 19 cent per kW)

Click Here to  check  for Lower Rates


Solarugreen applies for the solar incentives 

Each year Utility companies in the DFW area offer incentives for property owners to install solar The only requirement is the meter has to be owned by Utility company,  Sincer 2016, we have applied and received Oncor' solar incentives for our clients.  This reduces the cost of the solar projects.    

Take a load off Texas iSolarugreen can apply for the financal incentives with Oncor, Denton, Mckinney and Coserv.

Solarugreen offers Financing 

Solarugreen offering various financing loans programs:; 0 Down, No Interest, 60 months, 84 months, 144 months, 240 months and now 300 months financing. 

Interest rates start from 1.99% to 7.99% 

Our financing companies are Mosaic, Sungage, Services Finance

Each offers pre-qualification approval which provides ensurance on the amount that can be obtained for the solar system or solar-plus-storage.  

4. Contact Solarugreen to discuss the next steps in the project