Commercial property owners can improve energy usage using various methods. Here are some suggestions;

  1. 1, Renewable energy using solar energy
  2. 2. Energy efficienct in LEEDs
  3. 3. Low flow toilets
  4. 4. Green Star appliances
  5. 5. Cool roofs structures

PACE financing;

PACE is a financing program for commercial building owners, nonprofits to implement energy improvements projects on existing buildings.  Learn More Hear

Four case studies showing how the PACE program has decreased operation cost using renewable and energy efficiency products. Download by selecting the Blue links.

Commercial Commercial_Flyer_1_.pdf

Industrial Industrial_Flyer.pdf

NonProfits - Churches,   Nonprofit_CaseStudy.pdf

Elderly Health Care Facilities Family_ElderCare_CaseStudy.pdf

Solarugreen is a PACE vendor.  We would like to help start the discussion for Day Care centers, Schools, Nursing Care Facilities, Group Homes and Churches.  Please Contact Us