Our History

In 2011 on the Washington DC mall was  DOE' Solar Decathion where several universities displayed homes of the future featuring solar.  The idea that energy could be generated from the sun was amazing - solar energy.  In 2015, Solarugreen was formulated with the idea to educate the public about the advantage of solar energy.  Each year extreme weather -snow storms and rain storms cause electricity outage where million of dollars of food is lost.  What if we use solar to energized our lives to prevent such spoilage?

As global warming becomes a realization, we must begin to protect the planet by using natural renewable resources to heat, warm and energize our lives.   

Solarugreen' executive was selected for the 1oth Clark' Construction Strategic Partnership training.  This training prepares executives with 10 months of training in all aspects of construction. 

The executive officier also volunteered with Grid Alternates a Non-Profit community solar company. 



Providing Reliable Services

         Solarugreen operates under objectives of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification training.  NABCEP is the industry leader in the training and certification of companies in the Energy Industry.


Vendors Selection

Tier-1 solar panel manufacturing companies LG, SolarWorld, Mission Energy Solar, Canadian Solar and Trina.

DC -to-AC energy conversion with Enphase Learn Enpahse' Microinverter and SolarEdge Learn about Optimizers & Inverters.

Solar storage with LG Chem batteries. Providing on-grid and off-grid solar backup storage. 

Solarugreen is a certified LG Chem battery installer.  Learn more lgchem ESS Battery


JFoots volunteering

Janet Foots/Greg Parson - Perfectly Green/SmartFlog AC - solar HVAC